Saturday, 19 June 2010

Download 2010 or AC/DC weekend as it's now known.

Well well blogger it's been a while hasn't it? Anyways I'm not going to bother with a montage of my life since I last blogged because well it's been.............. emotional haha no, no its not but hey made my year seem interesting for a moment then.

So DOWNLOAD2010. Wow! Last year was good but Jesus H Christ this year's headliner's of AC/DC, Rage against the machine and Aerosmith just blew the previous year out of the water with the biggest torpedo known to the god's of rock \m/.

So lets get this straight I would of paid the £190 just to see AC/DC and even if they hadn't of played the £190 is worth it just for the camping and having a blowout with a bunch of mate's. The fact AD/DC was there and that they "Don't do festival's" say's Andy the organizer of Download meant only one thing. Giant piss up with the music of god's, stood in a field with 200,000 people (and I was near the front) rocking out to Thuderstruck and T.N.T was one of the best memory's I'll ever have. Look back over the sea of people made a tingle go down my back thinking what it must be like to be stood on that stage with Angus shredding his axe and melting our faces with his 15min solo. Walking away after a fireworks display ended 'For those about to rock' everyone was asking if the rest of Download could match up to them.

They did match up by the way. Rage blew my socks off and that would of been a hard job as i was stood in them at the time and even after nearly killing 2 people at the very front they put on a show no one else in the world could pull off. Tom Morrello is a god among axemen and proved it on that stage. even playing riff's with just the jack lead and using feedback to make a noise that could turn you inside out.

The rest of Download was fantastic Slash banged out G'n'R song's and Billy Idol gave us all a bit of an 80's feel, then Motorhead turned it up to 11 and blew my eardrums out with Lemmy's base and a 10min drum solo made my mouth hit the floor!

The camping is a blur because of all the beer but I know I had a fantastic time playing drinking game's with a Luchador mask on.


Ok so I'm bored now so I'm going to sign off. see you soon blogger's

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Oh lord!

That's right. Oh lord! Because? Well I'm using my iPhone to write this
and from writing txt messages and e-mails on this awesome awesome
phone I know what may come up and that is wrong robots! See there you
go again you yanky fecker. It put words where you don't want them and
if you've not worked it out yet then robots should be words.

But this will not happen today! No! Well it might lol I'll do my best
to keep an eye on the pesky little feck.

It's been a while since I was last on blogger and that in part is
because I moved into the flat from my last blog and we still have no
Internet yet as BT could be any more slow because they would be going

We moved in a few weeks ago and with my girlfriend Laura being a
teacher she had the great fortune to set the place up with being on
summer holidays. We have had one or two nights in on our own and the
rest has been full of friends or family dropping by to see our 1st
home together. In the wee hours of this morning while I was sleeping
Laura booked us on a week long all I incluesive holiday to Turky and
we leave in a day and half it was nice to wake upto I've got to say
buy as soon as we booked the British weather has now perked up and is
sunny through our French doors, why there called French doors I don't
know. Maybe they give up when it get to much or because a Renaul Clio
could fit through them?

Anyways I hope to have the Internet by the time I get back from the
middle west all tanned and no doubt I'll post a pic of us in a mud
bath or buying fake sun glasses.

Song of the week, well song of the last 3 months for me is 'Where did
all the love go' by Kasabian

Blog soon


Sent from my iPhone

Monday, 6 July 2009

New Blog

Yes that's right! I've got a 2nd blog only this one is going to be more well let's say visual than this one.

Its called Iphone Life and all it is, is me taking a pic on the Iphone and posting it. I'll tell you my thoughts as to why I took the pic or i might just open it up to you my 2 followers(one of which is blocked from Blogger because he's in China) For you to guess what I was thinking.

Hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

New Place

To say "Lad's Pad" would be wrong as I will be the only "Lad" if i could ever be called a lad that is because it's Laura and i that are moving in.

Britania Quay in sale overlooking the canel on this pic but our flat is the otherside of the building so we get to see the Metrolink. Laura had in her head that this flat would have a balcony the size of a small swimming pool that overlooked the barge's passing below and that the living room would be able to house a small army of polish cleaner's when in fact its the same size as any 2 bed flat in the Sale area not huge but not to small. the hall is as big as the rest of it and she doesn't see this as a room.

She does however see the spare room as a place my Xbox360 will live but the TV will live in the living room hahahahahahah i dont think so some how. Laura's a teacher she will no doubt have work to do when at home.

This happen's to be over the road from the pub i go every Monday with friends so i can now get to drunk to see as i can just fall into my flat, if i can work the lift when i get in. the flat is a 2nd floor flat but the lift must be from mainland europe as the floors go 1-2-3-4-5 not G-1-2-3-4 and trying to find the flat was at best an easteregg hunt when we went to view as the agent didnt know where the building was nevermind the flat.

dont know why i posted this blog but i am off work will a bad back so i am very very bored.

one more pic??? OK go on then
From flat

Monday, 29 June 2009

Download 2009

So the last festival i went to was the Vfest2008 where i got to see great bands like Muse, Kings of Leon, the Courteeners, Kooks, Travis and the not so good Amy Winehouse to be honest i think she was the only bad act i saw at Vfest. But and this is the big BUT, it rained every night and most of the second day we didn't get to experience the "festival spirit" after the headliners no one stayed out we all went to bed because it was raining, a few people went into other tents for drinks but we can't all sit in a 2 man tent and drink more than our body can take can we?

Download was different!

The sun shines on Rock 'n' Roll and it did with all its power. with in a few hours of getting to Donnington after the Rock 'n' Roll express train consisting of one carriage for hundred or so festival goers and some old folk who just wanted a day out in Uttoxeter and a one hour long walk from the gates into the village where all the campsite's sit around, we were burnt and i mean glowing red. With beer in our belly's and our skin audibly crackling we had to get some shade and by shade i mean silly hats.
From Download2009

with the hats and the beer we need food and of course this is a festival so getting food is a crime when you have to pay £10 for a burger and bottle of Pepsi.

i was expecting this and had about £200 to burn knowing how expensive it is once there only i wasn't getting paid until the next day and i only had £10 on me, at least i had food that night. going back to the tents and drinking more a huge unforgiving headache came over me so i hit the sack after being told i looked like i was going to kill many thousands of people.

Wakey Wakey or whooooooosssssshhhhhhhoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! as the toilet cleaners truck said at half 5 in the morning scaring the life and soul out of me. It was one of the coldest nights in a tent i have ever been in and noow it one one of the hottest, yes with the toilet cleaners, plains from the near by airport and the sound of people already up came the heat. The sun was out and there it stayed until 4am Monday morning when it showered for 20Min's or so.

I'm not going to talk about the music all that much in this blog but we got to see on the 1st day of music a rocking set from Limp Bizkit of all people a band no one expected to be any good but they got 5 K's from Kerrang! mag and everyone was in the party mood after them. I don't remember that night, not that i was too drunk but i just don't remember.

Day 2 started like the 1st with the second largest plane flying just feet above my head and the toilet cleaners fighting with there power washers with the heat too but i had an air bed and i slept like a a baby, yeah wee'd the bed twice and woke up crying 4 times. all i remember from the music today was the headliner's from the second stage, The Prodigy!!!!! this was no doubt the best live gig i have ever seen with the energy and beats just pumping through the crowd. i push a tall sweaty man away but when realising how sweaty he was Matt and i pushed Kim's face into his drenched back poor Kim lol.

On the way back to the tents 30 thousand people were singing outta space the final song from the headliners and when we looked back at the other 50 or so thousand people watching Slipknot it just made you hairs stand on end and make you willy tingle just a little, this sea of people all moving to the same beat of a drum is just one of the best feelings in the world and only when you have been to a festival do you think this is better than seeing a band at there own stage show this isn't just Prodigy fans or Korn fans this is a lucky bag full of all the different types of music on show at this epic venue. Of course a festival isn't all about the music its as much about the campsite and the people, friendly isn't the start you get people there with other gangs or even on there own because you are never to far away from people who will adopt you as there own. Just like our friendly Geordie Chris so smashed on pill's he sat crying for an hour because he couldn't get in his tent... it wasn't even his tent his tent was next to Matt's and after trying to find a zip that wasn't there and getting a smack him the head from Matt he sat crying on his on. he join us when friends of Jamie's had come to say hi but when they left Chris was still there he didn't know anyone but sat with us all night and for the next night too.

Last day of music and Def Leppard closed the show with an 23 years in the making rock orgy of there all time greatest hits, we spent the night playing more drinking games and hit the sack about half 4/5am after a long and brutal game of "I've never" the ride home was sombre to say the least i wanted to stay on, we all did! Phil just needed a few more days in bed i think, he is a little like the hulk when sleepy.

A subway and a half arsed nap before we hit the cinema to see Terminator and its all over, I still have the wrist band on due to festival rules of it stays on till it falls off.

Next year Tour bus for download and i would love to see glasto too

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sunburn, Star Trek and Men in underpants

Thank god for that! I’ve got a week off work. I got to the point last week I nearly hit an old man in the face lol. It’s time I had a break and this is going to be no better break, I head to London on the Saturday and then to Brighton on the Monday for a few days before London again and then back to Manchester.

So Friday! Work like normal 7:30am-4:30pm and round to a friend’s house as his girlfriend was waiting in for me to pop round (no naughty stuff here! You need another blog for that kind of smut) She was waiting in for me to give me my birthday gift/gifts as it turned out. But before I went round I text Ashley to say I was outside, only I wasn’t and wouldn’t be for about 5 minuet’s. As I come round the corner of Matt’s road I see Ashley looking for me in the garden I giggle like a little girl as she heads back in the house and that grin was to stay on my face until I knocked on the door. When Ashley opened the door she had some cup cakes made up for me in a tower formation and good god did they look nice! Matt and Ashley also got me some sex cheques and a bondage kit for starters (ok you might get some smut but that’s them not me) I ended talking with Ashley for about an hour so by the time I got home there was no time for a power nap to keep me going for the night ahead. It was my birthday the day before so a few of us was going to the pub for drinks. It started like any other night at the pub and without the man who got his big, big nuts out and very small willy it was a very normal funny night at the pub needless to say I got drunk as I had a line of 3 pints on the go with people buying them for me.

Saturday. I’m hung-over a little not a bad head hurting one just wanted to sleep but I knew I had a train to catch. Still the train couldn’t pull me away from a very interesting 5th gear when a stunt man was trying to be the 1st man to do a loop-a-loop in a car. I didn’t catch the end as it was way too late now and had to get the train. The tram’s in Manchester are having yet more work done to them so I had to walk from Saint Peter’s sq to the station and it was hot I must of looked like a sweating pig with my big bag hung off my shoulder. In the station could I find a train for London? Could I f**k. The west coast mainline was down!!! What was I going to do? I found out of the Virgin rail man who must have had about 700 people ask him what was going on because he had a face like a slapped arse. I had to go to Birmingham and then get a bus to Milton Keynes and yet one more train to London. 5 HOURS! 5 FECKIN’ HOURS! I did get to see a campervan with a quiff so the bus ride made me giggle but the rest was a pain in the bum bum. Luckily I had bought Join Me by Danny Wallace so that was keeping me entertained but I knew by the time I got to London it would be far too late to drop my things at Laura’s and then head back to see the show so I had to put my bags in storage at the station, £8! To hold my bag for 3 hours what a rip off. The show in question is Rob Brydon live. I’ve never seen a more charming comedian. He never puts anyone down; he invited people from the top to sit at the front in the seat of people that didn’t turn up. He didn’t once tell a joke he just chat’s with the crowd and sings an improve song at the end from all the thing we have been talking about over the last few hours and it was spot on I don’t know how anyone could sing a song from all the random crap he get’s each night but he does it and hits it right on the head.

Sunday was such a fantastic day for sun it was hot and the park was calling us so Laura and I head down to Clapham common just up the road from Laura’s Balham flat and bathed in the sun for a few hours there was a bathing in the sun with just his underpants on! Brave I thought but I soon noticed he was Russian so he must have been as hot as anyone can get from such a cold country. In fact he was the 2nd Russian I came across this week. There was a man on the train from Manchester and he was talking very loud, he asked the guy next to him *in a Russian voice “Have you seen a dog?” I don’t know what he was expecting, like dog’s only live in Russia and he wanted to show off or they don’t live in Russia and he wanted to see one. Turns out he must study dogs as he went on to tell his friend about the dog they was studying and it had something wrong with it like a brain tumour and was making its back legs shake. We went to a bar where Laura’s flatmate works just off the common and some lad sat with us after a while they left leaving us to move round to where they was sat so we could get out later as the bar was packed. Laura turned round to take a drink and spat it out all over her hands and the table she had only drank from one of the lads drinks and if was full of JD and coke! A drink she hates. Only this was by far the funniest thing I and Laura’s other flatmate and seen all day and just ended up in a giggling mess.

Brighton..................What a great place soon as we got there the sun came out and we went for a walk down the beach had a go on some ride’s and had some lunch. We walk through the lanes where all the cool shops are, found a street called Prince Albert st. They do say it’s the gay capital of the U.K. in one of the shop’s we found it was full of cool thing for house or flats and the was this one thing to put bananas in, Laura only shouted across the shot “this stops your banana from bruising” the whole shop came to a screeching halt it was quiet too quiet and everyone paused for a few seconds and then went back to normal as I said you should shout that out too loud.

We went to a comedy gig that night at the funny farm after a belly busting meal at Casalingo. We spent the next few days just walking shopping eating that sort of thing. When it rained we went to see Star Trek a good film that Laura hated from start to finish. She then made me see Coraline the next day that was a bad film and not for kids!

Back to London now. I was sad to leave Brighton it’s a cool place with a nice vibe and very nice people but our time was up. We had a meal to go to the next night with Laura’s sister and friend’s before I went home. The train on the way home took all of 2 hours thank god.